Standard Plaque, Inc.


A little about us


I'm Nick Tarcia, President and founder of Standard Plaque, INC. Believe me, I know just how frustrating your job can be. I've been in your shoes.

As a former process and materials engineer for some of the major automotive and automotive-related companies, I used to spend a good deal of valuable time trying to get my hands on quality plastic substrate test panels.

Either I couldn't get the right material or I couldn't get the quantity I needed within the timeframe required. Worst still, many times, the test plaques I could get were of inferior quality.

It's due to these kinds of job frustrations that I decided to form Standard Plaque, Inc. back in 1983. The mission of my company was to offer the industry a way to obtain plastic substrates . . . in quantity . . . within a quick turnaround.

That's what Standard Plaque is all about. We stock over 500,000 certified thermoplastic test panels. That means you can get immediate delivery on quality plaques in a wide variety of materials, sizes and textures. What we don't inventory, we'll produce -- within 48 hours of receipt of the raw material for your order. You have the added assurance that all of our panels meet automotive aerospace and appliance material specifications!

So spend your time doing the work you do best. Let Standard Plaque take care of supplying all your plastic test panel needs. I started this company to make your job easier. Give me a call today. (313) 383-7233